Monday, March 11, 2013

Another visit

We had another home study interview this morning.  That makes three (four if you count the orientation interview-which I do).  This one finally moved on to new territory which is good.  This one dealt less with our marriage and more with our parenting styles and skills.  We answered lots of questions about discipline and do's and don'ts.  I was not near as nervous this time around with having her come into our home.  The coffee table was absolutely covered in Lego's, but I just let it be.   That's life right!

She also interviewed Will and Jenny.  This gave me a little pause.  Will is our story teller.  Our entertainer.  Since he was a little fellow we have listened to his tales from his day at school and then asked this question, "Is that what really happened or is that what would have been cool if it had happened."  We also have had to remind him that just because it happened once doesn't mean it happens EVERY time.  Such as, because I was late to pick him up from preschool one day doesn't mean, "Remember how everyday you always came late to pick me up."  Now that he's almost 15 he has out grown some of that.  Not all but some!  I am hoping that went well.  They wouldn't tell me much.

It's funny when you invite someone to scrutinize your life.  The things you think are normal you start to wonder how they look to an "outsider" and how they translate to piece of paper.   Is it weird that my kids like to use google translate to see what Uncle Si sounds like in Chinese?  I know it's not necessarily weird that the table is covered in Lego's but is it bad that  the Heart Lake City Lego's like a pool and a cafe are surrounded and seemingly under attack by a Star Wars battleship and most of the Justice League in Lego form?  I'm not sure at this point.

We have one more home study meeting-one more!!  I so so wanted it to be next week but it's not. Two more weeks of sitting!  The end of this part of the process is in sight though so that is good.  I am working on immigration forms so that will keep me busy.  I am thinking we will go ahead and get the kid's passports updated in the off chance they can travel with us.  We are still very unsure of that.  It would more than double our travel expenses which are monumental as it is.  Four tickets to China and Five tickets back = cha-ching!  I figure it can't hurt to update the passports though.  That will give me something else to focus on.

We are also about to kick off some fundraising efforts.  We are having t-shirts printed with the design at the top of the blog.  Those will be ready to purchase soon.  We can't partner with any grant organizations until the home study is done and although I had my sites set on Mid March It will be April before that is ready.  Bummer.  Not the first time my own time table won't be met on this journey I am sure.  The tables have turned a little in the waiting department.  At the beginning Shane was determined we were gonna fly through the process, while I was trying to be realistic.  Now I am the fretful one and Shane is reminding me that if things move slower maybe it's because she is not ready for us yet.  I know he's right.  We want to parent who God has for us.  We have to trust His timing.  And I do.  It's all the bureaucracy that I hate.  I am not waiting on an infant or someone not born yet.  My child is sitting in an orphanage somewhere.  She is waiting.  She needs a family.  And I need her.

But today was one more step down.  That's good!