Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Missing my girl

We are on a family vacation this week in the north Georgia mountains. We have had a great time. The kids have been so happy and we have done a whole lot of nothing.  Which is just what we needed. We have hiked, play games, watched movies, etc. every time we do something one of us ineveitably says, "Next year when Sarah is here...". Oh how I miss her.  My arms are aching to hold her. Our family  is missing someone and we need her here. 

My sweet Sarah with the sweet smile and huge brown eyes, we adore you already. I worry you don't have enough to eat. I look for clothes for you. I am planning your room. How can you even possibly begin to know these things a half a world away. You are loved,  you are cherished. Your mama is coming and your baba can't wait to make you his little girl. 

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