Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We've had our version of an ice storm over here lately!

When I was little girl I was very jealous of the fact that my friend had an indoor ice and water dispenser in their refrigerator.  We never had one and to me, well, that was the coolest thing ever.  I felt like if I could ever reach a point in life where I had an ice dispenser in the door of my refrigerator I would have truly  made it.

Seven years ago when we built our house we bought a new refrigerator.  And you guessed it- it had in door ice and water dispenser.  I was pretty pumped.  I didn't necessarily think we had made it quite yet- whatever that means.  I was excited though.

However, God has a funny sense of humor because that thing really drives me crazy!  It doesn't work all that great and takes way more time that just opening the fridge and grabbing some ice from the dispenser.  I've always said that was "punishment" for my covetous ways as a child.

Now however, I don't think God is punishing me for trying to keep up with Jones', I think He is cracking up.  Because I have new level of aggravation for the ice dispenser.


When we first got home and she discovered water came out of there she would just stare at it.  Then she would make gestures and sounds that we knew meant she wanted some water.  We would get her a cup and put just a tiny sip in it.  Most of which ended up on the floor.  But she didn't have the height or the strength to push the button.

A few months later……  She knows where the cups are and can get her own water.  A few full cups on the floor and I decided we needed to keep it on the ice button all the time.  She couldn't press it long enough to get anything out.  Problem solved.

Until a few weeks later.  Now she is tall enough and strong enough to get whatever she wants out of that dispenser.  So much ice and water everywhere.  Puddles all over the house.  Half melted ice in every room.  

And one seriously cute face!

I spent the first few days laughing about how funny life is.  I spent the next 2 days frustrated at the never ending puddles and now this is what I have decided……

Every morning a sleepy headed Jenny rolls out of her room still in her jammies.  She goes to the cup drawer, gets a cup, and then gets herself something to drink.  Every morning.  Why?  Well, she wakes up thirsty, but also because she is at home.  She knows where the cups are.  She has the knowledge that water is available whenever she is thirsty.  She knows that its ok.  Its her home.

SO instead of being frustrated I am being thankful.  Or at least reminding myself to be thankful.  She is at home.  She knows where the cups are.  She has grown enough to reach the dispenser.  She is now strong enough to get the ice out.  Over and over again.  She knows when she is thirsty she can get something to drink.

It's a good thing, just a little wet.  Everywhere!

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