Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Here we go....

Well, we have news.  

After years of talking about it and dreaming about it and praying A LOT about it, we are moving forward with plans to adopt a daughter from China.  I know it may seem out of the blue but trust me when I tell you that this has been on our hearts for years.  I will share the whole story of our journey to this point sometime soon but for today I wanted to break the news.  The purpose of this blog will mostly be for posterity.  I want to remember telling Will and Jenny the news and seeing  tears of joy streaming down my 11 year olds face.  I want to remember the process much like I remember details of the times I was expecting Will and Jenny.  This blog will also serve as a place to update you if you are interested in our progress over the next year or so.  Whether you follow the blog or not we would certainly covet your prayers!

Here is my prayer list for today for our family and our little girl.

* We are looking to adopt a little girl between the ages of 3 and 6.  This has some inherent issues and our prayer is for her heart and mind to be safe and loved until we can get to her.

* Pray that we will know her when we see her.  That we will have immmediate peace that she is ours.

* Pray for Will and Jenny as we make house adjustments and settle into the idea of a new sibling.  They are very excited but there will be lots of changes.

* My heart's prayer for the last few days has been this: That even though she is in China I am praying that someone who loves Jesus is helping take care of her.  We serve a big God and I am praying this without ceasing.

Well, thats our news!  


  1. This news is absolutely amazing! How blessed your little girl is to be coming home to such a wonderful family! I will be praying for you guys...all FIVE of you! I look forward to reading all of your posts.

  2. We are so very excited about this! We are also excited about the possibility of packing up the triplets hand-me-downs and sending them back to Jackson for further use. Of course I only refer to those that can withstand one more child. Praying for and with you!