Saturday, April 27, 2013


We have been celebrating over here for a week and half since we got approval to adopt Sui Fenglan!  We can't believe she gets to be ours!  Our love for her is growing every day amd there are times when I just want to scoop her up and hold her!  I feel very much like I did when I was pregnant with Will and Jenny.  Just thinking all the time about her, planning for her.  It's so different to though.  I know her face, I know some of her needs, I know what others have said about her.  I know she needs me and I can't get to her yet and that is so very hard.

We got a treat yesterday though!!!

We live in an amazing time!  There was a time not so long ago that most people had a tiny referell picture that was months and months old and that was all they had seen or heard of their child before traveling to get them.  Sarah Ann is in one of our agency's partnership orphanges.  Our agency took a trip in March to her orphange.  We have a good many pictures, a video, an American doctor's evaluation, a teachers evaluation and were able to talk with the doctor that examined her.  Amazing!  Also amazing is the fact that we can send Sarah Ann a care package.  There are several people that offer this service.  Our agency has also started a service.  I chose to use a lady named Ann to get our package to Sarah.  We picked out a package and them she gets it to the orphange.  This  is all done in country so that you avoid high shipping costs and the risk of it not getting through customs.  We chose the forever family package.  We emailed Ann pictures of ourselves and she put them in an album, she got a stuffed animal, the album,  a letter from us and a cake to have a party.  We also included a clothing donation for the orphange and some lollipops for the kids.  We also added a USB drive for the nannies to put pictures on.  We will get that on gotcha day (hopefully).

I did not ask for an update because I have pretty updated pictures and I want to ask for that when we get closer to travel, but I was hopeful to get pictures of her little party.  Ann seemed to think it was a given that we would get pictures but I knew it was up to the orphange and I did not want to get my hopes up.  But yesterday morning just as I was waking up my phone binged with an email and when I saw it said "Ann at Red Thread" I leaped from the bed and hollered for Shane and here is what we saw!!!

How's that for a cake!!!!  We can not get over it!  I knew the cakes were big from other people's pictures but never would I have imagined that!!!  But more than that cake is that face!!  Did my momma's heart good!  It looks to me like they dressed her up and I love that.  Several people told me they have been there and the nannies are very nice.  The man is the orphage director.

What an amazing thing to order a cake for someone in China on Sunday night and have pictures of her with it on Thursday morning!  What a blessing!

We love you Sarah Ann!  And eat that cake my tiny baby girl!!  And little do you know that your new mamma loves to make cake!  There is lots of cake in your future!


  1. Stacy,
    This is so beautiful! Congratulations, that baby girl has a wonderful life ahead of her.