Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Season of Quiet

If I need to be still give me peace for the moment.....
Help Me Find It by Lincoln Brewster

We have entered a season of quiet in our adoption.  It's also an exciting time.  Each milestone we hit now brings us signifigantly closer.  But we will jump from wait to wait to wait to wait for the next few months with nothing to do in between.

We have been DTC for 19 days now.  Not that I'm counting.  Ok.  I'm counting.  Actually I'm not counting days, I just now figured that out.  I'm counting weeks.  So it's been 2 1/2 weeks.  Typically to go from DTC to being logged in is about 3 weeks.  This is not a typical time.  Those stinking computers are still not working right and while some things have started to move again, log in's are not one of them.  I am NOT asking our social worker about it for threee solid weeks. I have made that pledge and I was waiting pretty well until yesterday.  And yesterday I wanted it BAD!  It will come though.  I have also vowed not to get all freaked out about it for 6 weeks.  I'll let you know how that is going next week!

Once we are logged in we jump immediatly to our LOA wait.  We don't do anything or sign anything we simply go from Logged in to day one of our LOA wait.  Our official timeline says 30-60 days.  Right now LOA's are the other thing the computer isn't spitting out and there are LOTS of people waiting well over 100 days.  When we travel is heavily dependant on when this comes.  

So we really go from a time of crazy paper chasing, interviews, fingerprints,ect to being still.  From the time we scanned and emailed (best inventions EVER by the way!) our immigration approval to our social worker we don't have anything to do until the LOA comes.  We wait for exciting phone calls and emails and pray for our little girl.

So....  While this is a season of quiet, it's not a season of sitting still.  I have said all along I wasn't going to start getting her room ready until we were logged in, but there were lots of things that I needed to do before starting her room.  I just haven't been in the mood to get things done lately.  But once we were DTC that lit a fire under me!  I feel like the mouse in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books.

If you give Stacy a Paintbrush she's gonna want to paint the bedrooom.
And if she paints the bedroom she gonna want to paint the bathroom.
And if she paints the bathroom she's goona step off the ladder and rip the TP holder out of the wall. (OOPS)
And is she paints the bathroom she's gonna see that the baseboards need to be painted. 
And if she paints the baseboards in the bathroom it makes the other baseboards look bad so she's gonna paint all the baseboards in the house.

So... I'm keeping busy!  Jenny has gone to camp this week so I have some time to get a lot done.  She's my..."So what are we goint o do together today!" child.  Will is here all week and although I have enjoyed uninterrupted conversation with him he's not exactly asking me to play with him.  I'm working to get all my house projects finished.  Some big, some small.  and then I am going to start cleaning out the playroom.  That will be Sarah's room so we are shifting some things around.  

School will start soon and time will move quicker then.  I'm goin to go back for awhile and be a semi permanent sub for the first month or so of school.  We will see where we are after that.  

In the meantime I'm working away at my to do list, helping Will learn to drive (!) and having girl time with Jenny.  Everything we do is marked by these words, "Next year, when Sarah is here..."  

Come on Log In!!

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