Thursday, July 11, 2013

Let the closet cleaning begin!

Do you know what this empty set of shelves mean?  

It means work has started on Sarah's room!  I have said for months I didn't want to start on her room until we got our LID. I've been workings on other projects trying to hold off. After I painted every baseboard in the house I was running out of project and took to things like this:

Painting the cubbies in my laundry room teal. They needed painting. I figured why not?

I was halfway through the cubby project when our LID came!!  It was time to move on!  

Before I can get to the fun stuff I have to do the cleaning out stuff. Which for weird people like me is  also the fun stuff. 

The empty shelves in the closet above held all our games. Those shelves have to be ripped out. When we built this house we designated that room as a playroom and so both sides of the closet have those shelves. We need a place to hang all the cute clothes she's gonna need. And yes I mean need!  

Now the games are here:

Which means all my fabric is here:

That's tomorrow's project. 

We are still 5 months or more from getting her home, but progress has started and that's a good thing!!

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