Wednesday, August 7, 2013

He's listening

I went to Children's camp this year.  I wish I could tell you how very excited I was.  How I was all prayed up and ready to minister to the kids.  That would make me a better person than I am.  The truth is I wasn't all that excited.  Dreading would be too strong a word, but so is excited.  Resigned is probably the best word.

But as with most things once I got there I was so glad I was there.  We had a great group of 4-6 graders.  I've had most of these kids at church since they were 1st graders.  Seeing how they have matured and grown was so fun.  And seeing God work in their lives was truly great.  Seeing them gel into a future youth group gave me joy.

I was able to see a fellow adoptive mom and see her precious baby and that gave me hope.

During worship on the last day I was pouring my heart out to God about our sweet Sarah.  Watching the kids worship just kept reminding me of our girl.  Maybe alone, maybe hungry, not yet knowing the love of Jesus.  I was praying for her heart.  I was praying for her protection.  Protection for her mind, her heart and her body.  Be with her Jesus.  Please.

And He heard me.

I know he hears  me when I pray for her but this time I got an answer.

As we sat down for the sermon the pastor asked us to turn to Psamls 119.  I flipped to Psalms and glanced down.  I was at Psalms 139.  A very favorite of mine. And right there already underlined and sent straight from Jesus to my heart at that moment were these words.

You hem me in- behind and before;
you have laid your hand on me.
Psalms 139:5

Soothing words from the word of God straight to my heart when it was crying out.  I know He is listening to our prayers for Sarah.  Would you please pray for her too! 

I'm so glad I went to Children's camp.  I did not go expecting for God to speak to me and He did.  Several decisions were made to follow Christ and God is working in the hearts of our children.

And we won a talent contest and a stinky feet competetion. We pretty much Rocked it!

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