Friday, August 23, 2013

Making room!

We have been slowly working to get the house ready for Sarah's arrival this fall.  Our house doesn't have a bonus room so we have always used the extra bedroom as the bonus room.  When the kids were younger it was a playroom and as they have gotten older we used it has "media room."  We only have one TV in the house that is hooked up to cable (yes, we know we are wierd, but we did it on purpose, No TV's in bedrooms at the Huff's!) so we had a TV in the back that they kids could use to watch movies or play video games.  Here is what it used to look like:

This is what it looks like now:

Painting starts tomorrow! Actually I repainted the baseboards yesterday but I am painting the room tomorrow.  If I can pick a color.  Gracious!

Opposite the couch was a large set of book shelves.

Which have now been moved here:

To the dining room.  Which now looks like this:

The dining room is now going to be the "game playing/movie watching room" which should be interesting since it's next to the den.  We are hoping it will work out.  We'll see!

We 've installed a new fan in Sarah's room!

We bought cheap fans for the bedrooms when we built the house and they just never worked great.  This one also had marker on it left over from a game played by junior high boys in the middle of the night during Disciple Now one year.  I have no idea.  I just decided not to ask.

Empty rooms are fun for some reason!  Here is Will and I having a pallet party while we watched the last few episodes of Once Upon a Time on Hulu this summer.  It can be hard sometimes for a mom and a teenage son to enjoy something together. We bonded over fairy tales this summer!  We really enjoyed the series and are looking forward to new ones this fall!

We bought a chair for Sarah's room.  Its a rocker/glider and I love it!!  I wanted one of these when Jenny was born and never found one.  I looked and looked and saved my birthday money and finally found one on Amazon!  It is great!!

We have lots left to do but the arrival of this piece of paper has kicked me into gear!  

We have an incredibley busy few months aside from the adoption.  Will is in show choir and the school play (Shrek the Musical).  I'm working part time until October at the preschool and some at church.  I'm also going to run a small race with "the girls" to keep me excercising.  I am wanting to relish the last few months as a family of 4 and get ready for our family of 5.  

I'm also working on a care package to send to Sarah so she can be getting ready for us too!

We love you sweet girl!!!

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