Friday, March 14, 2014

Four months

Four months ago today we arrived back home with Sarah.  She's been busy this last month!

Learning to blow bubbles with her cousin Dory

Enjoyed some walks in the early spring weather.

In light of the US win in ice dancing she and Will practiced some new moves just in case there is a future for them in that sport.

 Remembered to pray before bed every night.

Enjoyed a shoulder ride from her awesome big brother!

Discvered the riding toys at any shopping center we happen to be at.


Tried on glasses at Walmart.
I was there looking at glasses for myself and turned around and she was wearing these.  Pulled them off the rack and put them on like she needed them.

She has turned into quite a shoes and clothes girl.  Her favotite thing to try on was her sisters shorts.
(please ignore the state of the closet)

That is until she discovered the bag of clothes a friend had sent her!  
Thank Katie!
7 shirts, 1 dress, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, 1 pair of pants and a dress!

Had her first picnic in the playhouse.  She has developed a deep love for peanut butter sandwhiches!

Dressed up in Chinese dresses with her sister and her cousin Dory.
Beautiful girls!

Took in a movie with her big sister and one of her friends.  She just pulled her little chair in there like she was 13 years old too and was supposed to be up late watching a movie!

Baseball is just around the corner gotta get in some batting practice!

To round out the month we took a little road trip to Memphis Zoo with some friends.

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  1. What a beautiful snapshot of how well adjusted and happy Sarah Ann is with her family. I love seeing her personality and how bonded she is with her big brother, sister and cousins. Her Aunt Vonnie and Uncle Steve are counting the weeks until we can meet her. Love you all and keeping you in our prayers.