Saturday, May 10, 2014

Forward movement

You would think I would be better at waiting this time around but the truth is I'm just not. We received PA for Emily on February 20 and started our homestudy update immediately and although it was more like starting conpletely over than just an update it went pretty quickly. I had the finished homestudy in my inbox before the end of April which was my goal but for whatever reason it took two more weeks for it to get approved and signed and back to Birmingham. 

Our immigration paperwork was at the Agnecy waiting on the homestudy. My goal had been to have that off by the first of May but we missed that deadline. Finally on Thursday afternoon I received an email from our social worker that it had arrived and she had been able to get the immigration paperwork mailed off. So glad!!!

Now we wait again. Hurry up and wait. This immigration step should hopefully not take quite as long as it did with Sarah because our approval is still good. We are simply asking for an extension and an addendum to include an age change to what we are approved for. We were approved for two children ages 4-6 and now we need to be approved up to age 13 because Emily will be 13 before we get there. We are hopeful that this will take 3 weeks instead of 6 and then we will authenticate and be DTC mid June hopefully!  That puts hopefully on track to travel in November again. 

I'm getting ready to send her another care package. I want to continually remind her we are coming!  

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