Thursday, April 24, 2014

Update on Emily

We are working away to get Emily home as soon as possible.  Things have moved along really well.  We have had a great social worker who has really been helping move the home study along.  We already had much of the paperwork gathered so that was helpful.  Our medical forms about drove me to drink but we finally got them done right.  Directions people.  Read them.

We got word yesterday that the home study is written and is being approved.  That is great news because I was hoping t apply for a grant with an April 30 cut off date.  We will cut it close but I think we will make it.

What's next?  Immigration.  Many people have asked if we had to start completely over since we just did all  this and the answer is pretty much yes.  Our home study was shorter because most of our education was still good.  We had to redo all our clearances and medicals, but since it was already written it just had to be updated.  We shaved about a month off there.  This fist round of immigration will be another place that is not a total redo.  We were already approved for 2 children so we have to file and extension and an updated home study and wait for approval.  We will have to be refingerprinted but don't have to do that now.   After that it is the same process as last time.  We will have our dossier authenticated and then sent to China.  We will wait for a Logan date and then start the dreaded LOA wait.  We are hoping to travel between October and the end of the year.

A sweet family traveling a few weeks ago took a few pictures for us.  It is such a gift to get these pictures.  We received pictures several times with Sarah's adoption and some of them were much to difficult to post.  All of Emily' pictures have been good and we know she is being taken care off.  We are anxious to get her home and get her healthy and the help and school she needs and deserves but we are not fearful and that is a nice change.

Here are the sweet pictures we got.

We were happy to see her sitting up in chair.  Our previous pictures had her sitting on the floor or in her wheelchair so this is good.  We also have precious video of her doing embroidery work.  What a girl!!

I spoke to someone the other day hat has spent a good amount of time with her and she just went on about how sweet she is.  About how she is the kind of person you just want with you.  We are so ready to have her with us!

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