Monday, September 22, 2014

10 months!

As of September 4 Sarah had been with us for 10 months!!  August was a nice quiet monthwhich was good because September has been C.R.A.Z.Y.

What has Sarah been up to this month?


She walked to the lake to feed the fish.  This is oneof those things I always intend to do and always forget to do.  So one day when it was just the 2 of us we took off for the lake.  I just knew this would be the stuff that memeories are made of!  This look pretty much sums up how she felt about it.  Whatever..can we go home.  She wasn't so impressed and really just wanted to eat the bread instead of throwing it to the fish.  Of course since there were no fish it wasn't a big deal.  A little different from the last time we took bread to feed fish in China!!

She also finished up her gymnastics class this month.  She was a mess that day.  Hair everywhere, body everywhere.  Shirt soaking wet.  There is a picture of me with her getting her certificate but since she was a mess you can only imiagine what I looked like.  She loved that class though and still cries whenever we pass the shopping center it was in.  We aren't continuing right now but maybe again next summer.

She learned to cheese it up big time for the camera!  She also has finally learned what she looks like.  this is was kind of big deal to me!  She clicked on Jennys phone one day and saw a picture of herself and pointed at the phone and then pointd at herself!  It has taken 10 months but she finally recognizes herself!  Of course when I was laing with her the other night I was reading a blog about another adoptive family and there was pa picture of their daugter and she kept pointing at her and then herslef.  Still have a little work to do!

She ran through the sprinkler one more time!

She got a bike!  She can sit on it but riding it is another story.  We just aren't quite there yet.  She loves it though!

She worked on her reading skills or napped while reading.  One or the other!

She showed some Jag pride!!  Go Madison Central!!

And the biggest thing of all this month was…..starting school!!!

When she started down the steps that frist day I just broke into tears.  I saw in my head where she was a year ago.  I saw the pictures I have that I won't show anyone becasue they break my heart and then hear she is!  Loved and growing and going to school with her very own granmother walking her down the steps.  It was just too much!

She absolutely loves school.  She is actually saying the word school and is ready to go each day she goes!  She has stayed for lunch a day or two and loves that!  I am so very proud of my girl!

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