Sunday, September 7, 2014


I am so far behind blogging!  I will catch up eventually but for now I wanted to let you know about a fundraiser we are doing!

At our house we are passionate about two things right now- getting Emily home and caring for those we had to leave behind.  

We are making progress towards Emily and we are SO excited about the new foster home that Lifeline has opened to help the children from Sarah's orphanage.


We have an idea to help us reach both goals!

Who doesn't love sweet rolls right?!?!

We call these Yummy Goodness!
Here is the idea:

Each pan of sweet rolls has 16 sweet rolls and is ready to eat or to freeze.  They are homemade from scratch with quality ingredients.

Each pan costs 

What does that $20.00 go towards?
$2.00 will go towards our expenses to make them.
Then the remaining $18.00 will be split between the 2 things we are passionate about!
$9.00 will go towards our adoption of Emily- specifically it will go towards the orphanage donation each family is required to make.
$9.00 will go towards buying supplies for the new foster home that we will take with us when we travel.  We hope to fill a suitcase full of things they need.  Lifeline is getting a list together for me of the things they need the most.

Would you like some sweet rolls?

Please comment below, comment on FB, or send me an email at
We will take orders all week and they will be available for pick up or delivery whatever day you choose this coming weekend

Here is Sarah's pretty please face

And if that doesn't work here is her
Whatchoo talkin' 'bout face

And here is our beautiful Emily who we are so ready to have home.

And sweet rolls or not please pray for our sweet Emily's heart as she is about to undergo more change than most of us face in a lifetime and please pray for the children and nannies at the foster home.

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