Friday, September 6, 2013


I'm writing this sitting next to Shane on our way to Birmingham.  We are going to a meeting at our adoption agency regarding travel to China. We could have watched the meeting via the Internet but we decided to make the drive. We needed a day away. And besides we never mind driving to Birmingham. I always look forward to the car ride. Uninterrupted conversation and comfortable quiet. We have made this drive to Birmingham too many times too count. 

The first time we made this drive together I was barely 18 years old. We  weren't even "officially" dating. Just talking to each other. Shane's mom had invited me to go with her to help Shane move home for the summer. 

I rode home with Shane in his maroon Grand Am that day. Nervous.  Unsure what to say. Afraid he wouldn't still like me after spending 4 hours in the car with me.  

Over the next 6 years we would make this trip over and over. Sometimes together. Sometimes with me following behind. Once he had to go on back before me and when I left a few days later he met me at the Alabama welcome station so I could follow him back. 

We fell in love making this drive. We talked about our plans and dreams on this drive. And we are still doing that today. Dreams and plans for our new daughter. 

It's been 22 years since our first drive from Birmingham. 

It hasn't all been perfect but it has been good. We've weathered moves and babies and the death of a parent. We walked through really good times and really hard times.   Never for one day have I doubted his love for me. 

So glad to be making this drive with him today.

Maybe we can find time for a little Johnny Rays chocolate pie. 

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