Monday, September 30, 2013

Final update!

Our agency requests a final update for each family as they near travel.  It can come anytime between LOA and TA.  It definitely includes measurements and hopefully includes pictures.  I have been anxiously waiting for ours because it is now habit to anxiously await something.  Low and behold it came last week!  I was almost sad to open it because I knew it was our last word about her before we travel.  And honestly as much as I love to get pictures it makes me very sad for a few days.  The last picture we got was a very stark reminder of where she is and brought some realizations about her life there.  I was a wreck for several days afterward.  I wasn't sure I was ready for those emotions again.  But of course I had all those thoughts in about 3 seconds and then opened the file already!!

And there was my girl.
Looking not too happy about having her picture made :)

She's 38 inches tall and weighs 26 pounds.  Her foot is 6 1/2 inches long.  I teach three year old preschool and I may start getting phone calls from parents because I keep measuring the kids and checking the size of their clothes and I will admit to taking their shoes off and measuring their feet.  Both my sisters -in-law have kids similar in age to Sarah and I keep asking for measurements and clothes sizes. She appears to be about the height of a 3 year old and she is teeny tiny skinny.  Sweet baby do I have some cupcakes for you!!

It appears they haven't cut her hair again and I'm glad for that.  I understand why they do and I wouldn't be mad at them at all for it, but I just hate the thought of her having her head shaved.  It must be scary when your little.

The panda in the picture was part of a care package we sent her back in April.  It was sweet of them to take her picture with it.  Our package we sent her a few weeks ago arrived at the orphanage and they sent a message that they got it and liked it very much and to tell me thank you.  That made me so very happy!  We sent treats for the nannies and other kids and a clothing donation as well.  We sent a bunch of socks because none of the kids have on socks in any of the pictures and it bugs me :).  I am hopeful that they are preparing her for us.  We sent pictures and a blanket that I made.  I feel sure we will get them all back on gotcha day but I hope she has them now.

One last picture came with the update.  This is the last we will get before we travel.

Oh my heart aches.  

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