Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sarah's Bed

When our family went on vacation this summer to the north Georgia mountains we did a whole of this:

It's hard to see but it's a whole lotta nothin!

We did a little of this too.
Go Braves!

Since we had driven into Atlanta to go to the Braves we decided to go to IKEA and look around.  While we there we found a bed for Sarah.  I've been struggling a little with what kind of bed to get her.  I am pretty sure that she is still in a crib and going from a hard crib to a big fluffy bed just might be too much for her.  Then we came across a cute little bed.  It was low to the floor, would expand from a toddler size to twin and seemed to be perfect.  YEA!  We got it and a mattress.

We had not exactly packed expecting to bring home a bed so it took a little finagling to get home.
Will is holding one side up and you can see Jenny's hand holding the other side.
What you can't see is Shane filling the cooler with ice.

We slid the cooler back in-good to go!

We waited several months until the room was cleared out and painted to put the bed together and we were all excited to get this room looking like a room!

Shane carefully laid out the pieces.

He started putting it together.

Wait a minute..... where are the slats!!!  They forgot to put the slates in the box.  I indignantly got out the computer to find out what was going on.  I pull up IKEA.  I look up the bed and there it is.....
*Slats are included in the prices but come packaged separately.  Don't forget to get them also.


Cute bed...mattress on the floor

Thankfully I was headed to Houston for a conference in a few weeks and could get some.  But for awhile sweet Sarah's bed looked like this!

But now!

Forgive the fabric- time to sew!

The mattress is up of the floor and the bed has a sheet!  Now to get the bedding done!  

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