Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Night

My sweet girl-

We are longing for you at our house.  Your big sister is quickly devolping a passion for orphans.  We were looking at the lists of waiting children tonight and she told me how happy it makes her to see the word "matched" next to a name!  We are hoping to find you on that list.  We are praying for you everyday.  I want you to know, sweet girl, that you are loved.  You may not feel loved right now and when you get home you may not want to feel our love at first but that doesn't make it any less real.  God has chosen us to be your family and we are ready for you!

We had a snow day this week and as Will and Jenny romped and played through the snow I thought about you.  Have you seen snow?  Would you like it?  You know Will is going to throw a snow ball at you right?!  Its how he shows love!  And he loves you too.  He is a good big brother.

Just missing you tonight and wishing I could tuck you in to bed and kiss you goodnight and tell you that I love you and that Jesus loves you.  I know its going to be awhile, but I am making my way there. My prayer is that someone has touched you in a loving way today.

Goodnight sweet girl. We love you.

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