Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The ball is rolling

When we left Lifeline's Mississippi office on Friday afternoon I told Shane that it felt like I was leaving the doctors office after hearing the heartbeat for the first time.  I remember that making things very real during my pregnancies with Will and Jenny.  There was a real live person in there and things needed to be done to get ready for them.

That's how I felt Friday.  Our daughter is becoming less of just an idea and more and more a real live person.  So much has to be done to be ready for her to come home but our hearts are ready for her.  We love her so much already.  I want her to know that although her life may have started off rough that she has always been loved and wanted.  God has been preparing our hearts for her for so long and he has always loved her.  He has plans for her-to prosper her-to give her a future and a hope.  I am so thankful he has chosen us to be a part of that.

The ball is officially rolling with our home study.  We had our orientation interview on Friday and Shane I have been busy with paperwork since.  That's a good thing.  As long as I have something to do I know progress is being made.  A lot of our basic documents we turned in on Friday.  Things like Birth certificates, marriage lisences, pay check stubs, tax returns and the like.  The State of Louisiana is dragging it's feet getting my birth certficate processed, but other than that most basic things we had already.  We did our local background checks today-including Will.  It cracked me up that he has to have all the background checks.  She told me he had to bring ID and I had to ask what she wanted since he doesnt even have a driver's license!

Shane spent all weekend working on his autobiography and actually got it finished.  It took hours and hours and he was determined to get it done.  I've been working on mine on my days off this week and hope to have it done by next week.  We have started our online training and are hoping to finish that sometime in the next week.  There are several more training courses we have to take and things we have to read but we have gotten a start and that's good.  We hope to have a lot of that done by the time we have our home visit in 2 1/2 weeks.  So much of adoption is waiting on other people and things beyond our control.. We have decided that we don't want anything held up because they are waiting on us.

I was feeling a little sad this weekend.  The kids and Shane had gone to run an errand and I was home alone.   I was looking at our agency's website and doing some reading and I just felt a sense of longing for our girl and a little overwhelmed at the road ahead.  Not that we can't handle all the minutia of it, just that I am ready to see her face.  At just that time I got a text from a precious friend saying, "I keep finding myself thinking about your soon to be daughter!  I am praying for her!"  God's timing is perfect.  I felt so refreshed knowing my friend was praying for my daughter!  We do so covet your prayers for us and for her.  I read this week that this is one of the coldest winters on record for China.  I found myself praying she was warm and comfortable.  I am praying some one touches her each day in loving way.  Please feel free to add us to any prayer list your church or Sunday School class may have.  Please pray for us and specifically for her.

And pray for that ball to keep rolling.....all the way to China!

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