Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Proud of my girl

You know how awesome it is when people say nice things about your kids?  

She's very smart!

He has a great attitude!

 Well, here is what they say about my Sarah.
"She has a sweet smile and a sweet spirit"

Those are the words used on the evaluation by our agency's team that saw her in March.  She is also a good helper and helped clean up the blocks.  She listens to and follows instructions.  Sweet, sweet girl!!

When all you have is a picture and a short video sometimes you begin to wonder if she's really real.  All the way on the other side of the world is there really this precious girl that I already love so much?  And then I read what someone who has put their hands on her has to say and it brings peace to my heart.  She is so very real.  She has a sweet smile and a sweet spirit.  She likes to clean up.  The nanny reports that she helps fold the laundry!  WHAT!!  She is perfect for me!!  Actually I'm not banking on that one.  Can't see how that could be possible but a mom can dream right.

And then last night I got another little gift.  I belong to a Facebook group of people that are in the same time frame as we are- all adopting from China.  some of these people are with our agency but many are not.  Someone asked for everyone to say who their child was and what their need was and where the child was.  I did so.  And then someone posted this:

"Stacy Huff, was your daughter on the Lifeline specific list?  Was she Susan?"

Holy Cow!  YES!!  That is her!!!

And this reply:
"Oh how I love that girl!  I advovate for kids and she is one of my favorites!  SO happy for you and for her!"

Someone else saw the preciousness of her face.  Someone I don't even know was praying for my girl!

Gifts from the Lord, these little glimpses!!  I am so proud of all three of my kids!!

God is so very good!

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  1. What a beautiful post!!! What face book group is this? I would love to join!