Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Success at the Federal Building!

You will never believe it, but it's true!

I left the Federal Building yesterday with a smile on my face!  My step was even light and there was not a tear in sight!  We even got out the parking garage without incident!!  God is good my friends!  God is so very good!

We went to our schedule fingerprint appointment yesterday.  Just walked right in and walked right out 10 minutes later.  The lady that did them was so sweet and asked about our daughter and what her needs were.  She even got a little teary eyed.  

I'm going to enjoy that success because the next time I go there will be to get a SS card for my new daughter and let's just say that based on rumor and speculation there will probably be tears.  On the other hand I've already had one memo sent about me so they may do whatever they have to to get me the heck outa there!!

That step is done and now we wait for approval.  Anywhere from a couple of weeks to 2 months is our estimated wait.  Please pray with us that it will be a short wait.  I know thats everyones prayer for each step, but I feel like if we can just get all of this to China I can breathe a little easier.  I'm sure when we get to that side of things I'll be wrong but it will just be such a major step to get it there!!

Also please be in prayer for all the families that are in China right now.  The US consulate has closed for a "facilities emergency."  All consulate appointments have been canceled and those families can not leave China.  It is a difficualt situation.  Please be in prayer for them!

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