Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Article 5 Done!

The mysterious piece of paper known as Article 5 has been dropped off and picked up.  It was supposed to be picked up today which was last night in china.  I just now got an official email from someone in Guangzhou saying it was picked up so I don't know if that means now which is tomorrow in China.  Gracious! Either way its done!

All we wait on now is Travel approval!  After that comes we will request a consulate appointment and buy plane tickets!!

So close I can taste it!!!

Will you pray with us?  These are the things I am praying for right now:

For the Lord to be preparing Sarah's heart for a family.

For Jenny's eating situation while we are in China.

For Will's time here to be a time of spiritual growth.

For TA to come quickly so we can get my visa in time to leave when we would like to.  It is the best time for Shane to go for his work.  (Not throwing any dates out there yet- :) )

We have been overwhelmed with support, kind words and prayers.  Trust me when I tell you that is not the case for a lot of people and we are so very thankful!

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