Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013…What a year

It's the waining hours of 2013 and we are partying like crazy over here.  The boys are watching football, last I saw Jenny she in her closet watching a movie and Sarah finally gave it up a little while ago.  I'm a night owl but after a day working to reclaim our house from the throws of Christmas I'm fading fast.  I want to take a minute though and remember all that God has done for our family this year.

We started 2013 with home study visits and mounds of paper work.  I ended 2013 laying in bed with my new baby girl singing quietly while she looked at her books until she drifted off to sleep next to me. I can't help but wonder what she was doing last year on New Years.  I am so thankful to have her here. I am so thankful for the Lord's prompting when I saw that picture.  I am so thankful that the Lord answered my prayer for Shane and I both to be on the same page when it came to saying yes.  I am so thankful she is home.  She is so loved and she loves in return.  There were times in 2013 when we were scared or worried or tired, but there is tremendous peace in obediance.  Do what the Lord asks of you. It won't be easy or fit the picture others may expect from you.  It might scare you or scare others for you.  It might seem crazy or weird or impossible.  Do it anyway.  Do what He asks of you.  There is peace in obedience.  There is blessing unimaginable in watching Him work.

What will 2014 bring for our family?  It feels like all 3 of my children on on the edge of big things.  Will turns 16.  He wants to get a job and a car.  He will be a junior in high school this time next year.  He will be making big choices very soon.  Jenny turns 13 this year.  Another teenager in the house.  Sarah has lots of new things in front of her at every turn.  It overwhelms me at times.

I am reading a book called The Circle Maker right now.  It is about the power of prayer.  And so one my resolutions this year is to continually circle my children in prayer.  I want to pray big things for them.  I can not wait to see where they are in a year, but I'm not going to rush time.  It is going way to fast as it is.

My other resolution this year to focus on being unselfish.  I struggle with small acts of selfishness.  I want to continue to learn to daily take up my cross and follow Him.  To point others, including my children, to Him.  I want to die to self.  I struggle with this and am being convicted of it every day.

I am waiting in antcipation of what God has in store for this year.  Our hearts have been broken for the fatherless.  We will never be the same.  This year has changed us and I can't wait to see what happens next.  Until then here are the Huff's top ten moments of 2013.

10.  A quiet, relaxing vacation in the mountains of North Georgia.

9.  Jenny winning a talent competion at camp with her mad hula hoop skills.  The prize?  TWENTY                               pounds of candy!!

8.  Will making show choir at Madison Central!

7.  Lots of trips to Menches to celebrate milestones in our adoption.

6.  Jenny and Will both being in school plays!

5.  Will finishing his Eagle!

4.  A trip to New Orleans to see Wicked to celebrate turning 40!

3.  Seeing her sweet face for the first time!

2.  Having my sweet girl in my arms finally.

1.  Seeing God bring to fruition a dream he placed in my heart so long ago.  He who began a good work is FAITHFUL to complete it in you!


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