Saturday, December 14, 2013

One year…One month…One week

This week marks one year since we decided to move forward with our adoption.  We mailed our application on December 17.  So much can change in a year.  From a family of four to a family of five.  A little one again.  God proving his faithfulness over and over to us this year.  Meeting me in the depths of despair and promises of holding her close.  A year of growing and stretching and learning.

A month today since we returned from China.  It seems like yesterday and 10 years ago all at once.  Was there a time she wasn't ours?  It feels like she has always been here.  She belongs here.  We are still working the kinks out of course but she is ours.  She is home.

So many firsts in the last month!

First time in a grocery cart!  So thankful for the new Walgreens literally 3 minutes from my house!  Its become our thing to do each day!

First time with play dough!  Success she loved it!

First time in the super bubble tub!  Jenny turned the jets on and made mounds of bubbles!  She LOVED it!

First time playing with the trains at Barnes and Noble.  This was actually our first actual outing.  I needed a Starbucks and we both needed to get out.  It only lasted a few minutes but she had fun.

First time to put powdered sugar on your eggs!
This girl loves the powdered sugar shaker.  We've had to hide it but she discovered it again one morning after everyone left and I was working on the computer.  Powdered sugar everywhere!

One week…. It's been a week since her dental surgery and she is recovering well.  She really didn't eat much for a few days which is very unusual.  She's doing better now and we are thankful that it is behind us.  I knew she would need some dental work, but was so sad to see how much.  Next up is ears.  We are working on that now.  WE head back to Birmingham this week for a follow up at the IAC and an appointment at the CP clinic.  We also have a swallow study coming up to try to figure all that out.  So glad to be getting her the help she needs.

It has been quite a year, quite a month and quite a week.  So thankful the Lord has allowed us to take this journey and I pray more will take it as well.  What a blessing!

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