Thursday, December 5, 2013

Road trip

We have been very purposeful about keeping Sarah at home. It's been hard somedays with active teenagers around and it being the holidays. Concerts, plays, etc are happening all the time but we have really tried to limit her outings. She hasn't been to Kroger or Walmart yet. We have ventures to walgreens this week and we did go to the Mexican restaurant today but that's about it. By the end of thanksgiving week this momma needed a change of scenery. Sarah travels really well so we decided to take a quick road trip. 

We loaded up Saturday morning and headed for West Monroe, Louisiana. To Duck Commander of course. 

It was a couple hours drive and went by quick. Sarah snoozed a little and jenny worked on makeup work bless her heart. We ate at Five Guys and the headed over to the warehouse. Not much to do but look at the places you see on Tv and walk around the gift shop but it was fun. We left and got some ice cream and headed back home. It was a much needed day out of the house for me and was low key enough for Ms Sarah!!

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