Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Today we celebrated Sarah's Birthday!  She is 5 years old now.  I was sad yesterday to not be with her for her birthday.  I LOVE birthdays! 

I am very happy though that we are only a week away from leaving to bring her home. 

All birthdays need a cake!

We sang happy brithday and Jenny blew out the candle for her sister.  She was excited to say that it was her sister's birthday!  She said she had waited her whole life to say that.  She's a little excited!

Our friends the Webbs and Hoods stopped for to visit and they had cake too so it felt a little like a party and the fellowship did me a lot of good.  My mind is very tangled this week.  I go from excitement, too nervousness, to a little stressed.  So much to do but I find my self hung up on small details that don't really matter.  I want to soak up these last few days with our family of 4 and have ask the Lord to help me look up and enjoy the moments we have.  

We are so happy that this is Sarah's last birthday without us.


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