Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I dont have any sisters.  Just brothers. Shane doesn't have any sisters either.  However we hit the jack pot when it comes to sisters-in-law.


We knew we wanted to have a garage sale before we made the China trip.  There were two purposes for this.  We have cleaned out a lot of stuff getting ready to add another person to our house.  And it was a good opportunity to make some extra money for this final push.  We will have to wire a large amount of money to China just days before we go and then there are the plane tickets to purchase as well.  So while we are pretty ready for those expenses a little extra certainly would come in handy!

The only problem is that our neighborhood doesn't allow garage sales.  Bummer!  Shane's brothers neighborhood does though and we have done several with them over the past years.  I knew Cameron was way over having garage sales but I also knew they would be going out of town at the end of October and asked could we maybe use there house for a sale while they were gone.  That way it wouldn't inconvience them at all.  No problem they said.   Except.....

Things have moved fairly quickly here towards the end and it looks like we may be gone or about to be gone while they are gone as well.  Can't wait that long.  So I thought, I am going to have to ask if we can do this beofre they leave, while they are there.  Ugh!  I hate to do that to them!!  But I didn't have to ask.  You know why?  Because my sweet sister in law, Cameron, called me first and asked did I want to go ahead and do they sale earlier.  And so Friday night this is what happened to her nice clean garage!

Please nobody buy my anything for Christmas.  No more STUFF!

It got way worse than this I was just too tired to take any pictures Saturday morning.  We had a great day and enjoyed hanging out and making some money, but the truth of the matter is they let us use thier house for nothing to have a big ole garage sale and they did it because they love us and they love Sarah.

I have another sister in law too!  Julie is married to my brother Andy.  She can sew and do cute things like a dream.  I sent her a text awhile back of the shirt one of my students was wearing.  "Can you do this ?"  She said sure!  Instead of one shirt, I brought her 4 when I visited them in Texas a few weeks ago.  My mother was there this past week and when she came to help me with the garage sale Saturday this is what she brought with her.  Julie had sent them home with her.

For real.  How cute are those!  And for the new sisters-

This about as matchy as it's gonna get.  It's hard to match a 4 year old and a 12 year old.  I'm going to try to find matching PJ's too.  

I'm so blessed to call these girls my sisters.  

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