Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Proud mom!

My kids have been super busy this fall.  

SO proud of them.  

Will has been especially busy with show choir and play practice and his Eagle project.

He made bookshelves for Hope Hollow and held a book drive as well!
He did a great job!

Jenny has been busy too!  Her school work keeps her busy and she has been taking piano.  She is very dilegent and organized and a perfectionist!

This is her reading fair project.  She did it on a book called Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  Its a great book about a little Chinese girl.  She did a great job.  She stayed up WAY too late one night working on it and Shane asked me about it later that night.  When I explained that it was not required but was for extra a class she has an A in he just shook his head.  Everything about that sums up our girl.  

Our little one has been keeping us busy too.  Almost too the bottom of the list!!  


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