Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The house is ready!

I think we have gotten our house ready to add our new little one!  We had to do some switching things around, but I think we have finally gotten things functioning around here again.  Nobody seems to mind house chaos except me, but you know what they say. If mamma ain't happy.......

There are still somethings to tweak, final touches and all, but we are all set for the most part!

First up was the swing set!  Sarah has cerebral palsy and while she can walk we knew we needed to add a hand rail to the starirs so she could get up to the play house.  the steps were also loose and worn and need to be replaced.  I let Daddy handle this one!

Yea!!  He did an awesome job!  We have to get a slide now.  Those suckers are expensive!!  When we built our house 7 years ago we were the proud owners of 2 houses for  awhile.  We built the play house but $100 bucks for a slide just had to wait.  And then we forgot, for about 7 years.  *sheepish grin*  But Sarah needs a slide!  We were so blessed to be gifted with some money from my coworkers at the preschool and we are adding a slide this weekend! Cameron also gave me my nephew's old toddler swing with a back tat we will hang for her.  We think she will need that support for awhile.

Next up.... the dining room/study/playroom/slash nobody knows what to call this room now.

We turned our extra bedroom into a playroom when we moved in and it slowly evolved into a TV/game room.  That is now Sarahs room but we needed a spot where someone could watcha movie or play video games or just "be" aside from the main den of then house so the dining room was the only spot left so now it looks like this:

It turned out well and we were able to sell the old furniture to get a few new things.  We moved the book cases from the playroom to the new room and repurposed them.  I am very happy with it.

And now for our sweet Sarahs room!

It is very simple and quiet.  On purpose.  She has spent the last few years in a stark institution.  Too much color, fluff, etc, would be...well too much!  We will add to it as we go, but I am happy with it.  the dresser belonged to my grandmother and I repainted it.  I'm glad for Sarah to have!  Thanks to Andy and Julie for passing it along!

The house is ready!!  Time to go!!


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