Saturday, October 26, 2013


There are stories everyday on the adoption forums and groups I belong too of people feeling unsupported through their adoption process.  Stories of their parents not understanding, their church refusing to help, to ugly things said to them.

My heart breaks for them because our story is the opposite of that.

Our family has been overwhelmingly supportive.  They love Sarah so much already.  They have helped us emotionally and financially through this.  We have said before that one of the reasons we feel led to adopt is that the Lord says that to whom much is given much is required.  We feel we have been given so very much when it comes to our family and we are called to share that.

Our friends have loved me through the crazy.  They have been interested and listened to me talk about it when I'm sure they were sick of it all.  

Our friends/family gave us a precious dinner/shower last was so fun and refreshing.

Our work has bent over backwards for both of us.  Covenant gave me the opportunity to work for awhile knowing I would need to bow out in October.  They gave me a precoius shower and wrote letters and filled out forms for me.  MMC has let Shane off to do home study meetings.  they are being great about the time he needs off to go to China.

Our church gave us a reception last week and we are overwhelmed at what they did for us.  The hugs, prayers and kind words.  The gift cards and money were overwhelming.  What we received there will pay for our trip to Sarah's orphanage.  The cost of that trip is not included in the fees we pay for our incountry cost.  Her orphange is a good ditsnace away and the cost is not small.   It is mportant to us to make this trip and we are so grateful.

We had a garage sale a few weeks ago to help cover some in country costs and we had so many people donate stuff for that.  That morning we were setting up and a car drove into driveway and a girl got out.  She walked up and said she didn't want to buy anything but wanted to help and handed Shane a $20 bill.  We didn't even know her.  Another man came by and said he and his wife had adopted a few years ago and had some furniture they wanted to sell and wanted us to have it to sell.  It was VERY nice furniture and we made a signifigant amouint form it.  Again, they didn't know us at all.

We are so very grateful for all of the kind words and prayers offered via facebook and this blog.  God has used those words to comfort us when we are beyond worried for our daughter and stressed with an unpredictable process.  God has used you so much.

Thank you!

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