Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Adoption Day

Tuesday was Sarah's official adoption day.  In Chinese adoption the first 24 hours after Gotcha Day is called the harmonious period.  Basically they give you time to make sure you are sure you want to do this.

We are sure!!!  Here is Miss Priss all ready to go be adopted!  We ate breakfast at the hotel and then met up with the other family and headed back to the civil affairs office.  Inside we saw the families we had seen the day before.  The little boy who was so sad the day before was all smiles today!  There was also a spanish family with a school age daughter, twins and there newly adopted daughter.  The mom had her 3 little ones on the floor playing a game and Sarah ran over and plopped down like she was supposed to be there.  It was very cute!

After a little bit it was our turn.  We had our official adoption picture made.  This s the picture on her official   adoption degree.

Jenny took this.  I thought she did a great job!

We then went into a room with an adoption official.  She asked us if we were satisfied with the child.

YES!  We are very satisfied!  We handed her our gift and moved on to the next room.

This time we went upstairs into a very hot office with a notary.  She asked us Sarah's Chinese name and her birthday.  She asked when we got marrried.  She asked why we wanted to adopt from china.  We signed a few papers and gave her our gift.  Then this is kind of embarressing.  I knew at some point this week we take on oath.  I could have sworn she said stand and raise your hand.  Shane looked at me to interpret.  i said stand and raise your hand so we stood and raised our hands ready to take an oath.  She just smiled and pointed to the door.  Stupid Americans.  Oh Well.  

And that was that.  Officially adopted!  Officially One Less.  Officially one us.

There is a beautiful garden in the back of our hotel.  We went out there and fed the Koi fish.  It was amazing.  They were leaping on top of each other to get the bread.  Sarah didn't quite get the idea of throwing the bread and would just eat the pieces we handed her.

We went back to the room and rested a bit.  Then headed out to a store called Aeon.  It's sort of like a super target.  Except 5 floors.  The first floor is a grocery store and the rest are  like a department store.  I bought Sarah a few clothes there they day before when I thought we wouldn't get our luggage.  We went today to buy a stroller.  Sarah has cerebral palsy and although she walks really well long walks can get difficult for her.  We love to carry her, but for the tours we will go on later in the week and more specifically the airports coming home we knew we needed a stroller.  The lady in the baby department was obviously used to American parents coming in looking for strollers.  She walked right up to us, grabbed the pink stroller, showed us how to open it up, showed us how much it was and we were on our way.  

We celebrated adoption day the way we Huff's celebrate everything.  By eating Mexican.  Seriously.  Except everything in china is cheaper except Mexican food and that was probably our only trip to the Mexican restaurant.

We came back to the room and gave Sarah a bath,  I had bought the girls matching PJs and this seemed like a good night to try them out.  

So cute except that they are sitting down because Sarah's pants hit the floor as soon as she stood up.  So we switched Pjs.  Nothing a wet headed baby in her PJs.

We all hit the rack about 8:30.  We are still so tired and our sleep schedules are way off.  We poop out about 8:00 and wake up about 2:00.  We are making it though.

Sarah's attachment to us seems to be coming along.  She is very affectionate.  She became very clingy to me yesterday afternoon.  She and I came into the room after Shane and Jenny were already there.  I realized I needed to run to lobby and turned right around and left the room.  As soon as the door closed I heard tears.  The first we had seen.  I started pounding on the door.  She practically jumped into my arms when Shane opened the door.  We had tried to prepare ourselves for her to really like one of us and shun the other.  so far that hasn't happened.  She tends to gravitate toward me more but she goes willingly and voluntarily to Shane as well.  We are glad for that.  Shane especially was concerned that she wouldn't like him and that hasn't been the case,  She of course loves her Jei Jei.  Who wouldn't love a big sister like Jenny.

one of my favorite moments came yesterday evening.  We have one video of Sarah.  It was 32 seconds long.  I watched it over and over and over.  She walks away from the camera, stops, turns and smiles at the camera and then keeps walking.  Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the floor in one rrom and se walked away from me and instantly I thought of the video.  She stopped turned around and looked at me.  i told Shane, "I can't believe I'm seeing this in real life finally!"  She then turned all the way around laughed and ran towards me. 

So blessed.


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