Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have been looking forward to these next few days. Sightseeing and shopping. Jenny has been looking forward to them too. She likes to shop!  

Today we first went to the Chen Family Temple. Our guide told us it is not a temple like for religion but was built centuries ago for the Chen clan. All the members of the Chen clan contributed to it and it served as a retreat and private school for the clan. She said Chen is the most common surname in this part of China. Kind of like jones or smith at home. It now serves as a folk art and craft museum. Lots of traditional Chinese artifacts and art. It was very neat. And very humid. The super typhoon has made it very humid and wet but we are thankful that is the only effect it will have on us. 

The family temple was very traditional and pretty. The shops were neat and we got a few neat things. I got Sarah a chop which I really wanted. It is a stone with her Chinese and American name carved into it. Jenny got a little ceramic panda because again, " it's her new thing."  She also got a pretty panda picture. I got a calligraphy print of will, Jenny and Sarah's names in Chinese. 

Here are some pictures. 

The door keeper. He had to be scary to keep out the evil spirits out guide told us. 

Bonsai trees. 

This man was making Beauitful
Pictures with black ink and his hand. No brush. It was really amazing!!

This lady wrote wills name in Chinese for me. 

Beauitful breezeway in the large courtyard. 

After that we went to the jade market. It also had tea sets and other things but jade was the main thing. It is a beautiful stone that is very traditional. Jenny especially wanted to look at it. She went and found the jade section and came back looking sad because it was expensive. We looked and looked at it all and I picked out a beautiful piece for myself to wear and eventually pass on to Sarah. I also secretly got jenny a piece for Christmas. She just kept looking and looking.  My mom had given her some money and she found a piece she felt like she could afford but didn't want to to say anything. Shane could tell something was wrong. She looked like she going to cry. We told her that it was a great idea to spend her money on something that special of she wanted to.  She was so excited and went and got the piece she picked out.  

It is sweet little heart shaped piece. 

This is my piece. It is called a lucky button. I really liked the shape  don't need the luck though. So thankful I know who holds the future!!  

I was trying to decide between this one and one like it but smaller. The lady said she liked this one for me. The other was better for a small skinny girl. Well ok then. 

It rained a god bit of the afternoon so we just hung out.  Shane went to the store for a few things. He went back out for our supper and we girls hung  out in our pajama pants and fuzzy socks. Sarah seemed to want out of the room so we let her walk up and down the hall while we walked with her all in our pj's. I think she is walking better already. Or maybe I'm just used to it but she is doing great. We knew she could walk because we had video but we didn't know how well. She does great though. When she gets excited she gets unsteady and she likes to hold a hand but that kind of throws off her balance.  With physical therapy she will do so great. 

We are in the room and found The Hobbitt on tv. We are finally on a somewhat normal sleep schedule. Everybody slept all night. 

Tomorrow we have more shopping. We are going to nearby island. I am really looking forward to it although it will probably be raining.  That's ok though. 

Me and Jenny hanging out. 

We sent our laundry out yesterday. The laundry man delivered it to our room today. Washed, dried, folded and wrapped in plastic. It was expensive but if we cut back I think we can swing it back home because I could seriously get used to that!!  Maybe the laundry guy will
Come home with us!!

She gets so sleepy at supper every night. She ends up just laying her head in the table while she eats. 

We are so proud of her. We have been trying to teach her the sign for more and today she started doing it on her own when she wanted more rice. So smart!!

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