Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Today is Wednesday in China.  Day 4 of our trip.  Today was a pretty light day as far as official things.  We met our guide at 3:00 this afternoon to go the police station in Guanzhou.  We had to go there to apply for Sarah's passport.  We went with the other family in our group and then saw the other families we have seen this week.  We just waited our turn and then sat in a chair and had Sarah's picture made.  They  looked at our passports and smiled at us and we were done.  Less than an hour.  Sarah will enter the US next week with a Chinese Passport with a US visa in it.   We are now moving into the US side of things.  

Jenny has slept like a champ on this trip.  Shane  and are sleeping pretty well we just waking up very very early.  We woke up about 2:00 am and I think Sarah was awake too.  There are certain things that remind you of where she has been.  Like so many other adopted children she doesn't cry when she wakes up.  There is no sense in crying.  No one is coming until the appointed time.  Crying doesn't get you anywhere in an orphanage. 

The Three of us tossed and turn for few hours and finally we turned on the light really low.  And I don't know what happened to trigger it but we saw our first sign of grieving.  She sat up and started crying.  Not for long but she was obviously uspset.  she crawled off the bed and laid on the floor for a little while.  After a bit she climbed back on the bed and has been fine all day.  She is so very brave.  I can't imagine.   

We finally all got up and got dressed.  We face timed with Pop and Peanut and headed to breakfast.  After breakfast we went back out to feed the fish.  Today she got the hang of throwing the bread instead of eating it.

The hotel has a small outdoor playground and we spent some time out there.  She really enjoyed that.

I love that sweet smile!!!  

We skipped lunch and decided to go get ice cream instead.  Haagen Daaz!  WooHoo!!  It was so yummy!

She just laid her hands on the glass and stared at all that ice cream!

We walked around for awhile.  The area around our hotel reminds me a lot of NYC, but there are lots of trees and flowers and for the most part it is very clean.  There are large crosswalk bridges and beautiful flowers line them, going over the streets.

I love this picture!

We walked over to the TrustMart AKA the Chinese Walmart to get some noodle bowls for meals in the room.  Sarah practically ran over to these little cakes they were selling.  They put 2 in a little bag and she held onto that bag all afternoon.  

Food has proved to be our biggest issue.  She wants to eat constantly.  it breaks my heart. She wants food with her all the time.  We did see a neat thing today though.  The first night she was with us we ordered chinese,  She ate that rice, as shane said, like she stole it.  Shoveling it in as fast as she could.  Tonight we had rice again.  She ate a ton!!  but she ate it slow and steady.   She still puts it in faster than she can swallow it but she was shoveling so much tonight.  Maybe slowly she is trusting us.  

She seems to be attaching fairly well.  She wanted Jenny to hold her a lot today but seems to be able to tell the difference between her and us.  That we are her parents and Jenny is not.  Jenny has been so great at letting us meet her needs.  She has done things to show her how to trust us and has been a complete joy to have with us.  

Tomorrow is the medical exam.  She will have to have a blood draw.  We are not necessarily looking forward to it.  Our guide showed us where a park is and we plan to spend tomorrow afternoon there.

She is sitting next to me now eating her little cake we got.  Her head is laying on the table she is so sleepy but she won't give it up till the cake is gone!

Below are e few pictures of things from our walk around the city today. Enjoy the pictures.  I have a sweet baby to put to bed,  She may be 5 years old but she is very much a baby in many ways and in many ways she has surprised us with what she can do.  She is such a sweet, brave girl.  We are so proud to be her parents.  We are so glad she is an orphan no more.

Chrstmas come early to china too.  we have seen several Christmas signs and they were playing Christmas music in the Aeon Store.

This menu board was outside a cafe.  Just like a menu board would be anywhere in the US.  The language still amazes me.

Red Bean Drink anyone?  

I have no idea what this says but it is made completely of flowers.  It is huge and really pretty.

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  1. I used to keep up with your blog. I have now reached stalker status where I check for updates a few times a day. Just in case. Each post brings me to tears and I'm so honored to get to read little bits of your journey. What a sweet family of 5 you guys are!! Praying peace and life for each one of you. Sweet, sweet Sarah!! What an incredible gift she is!