Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Monday after noon was what it was all about.  The years worth of prayers, the months of paperwork, the months of waiting. It was all building to this moment.  

After we shopped for things we needed we came on back to the room.  We were supposed to meet our guide a 2:00.  We straightened up the room.  We got wor the luggage was on it's way!!  I packed and repacked and checked and double checked her bag.  We got cleaned up and then all of a sudden it was time.  We went to the lobby and met the other family that we are with this week.  They are hear adopting 2 girls.  One is 14 and they got her just a week before she aged out.  They were getting their second daughter with us. They had been here just last year adopting their first daughter.  

we drove to the civil affairs office.  I had seen this room a hundred times in others people pictures and now we were in it.  It was very warm!  Most of the pictures I have seen the room is very crowded, but there were only 4 families there Monday.  Guangzhou is in the middle of a trade fair right now and a lot families wait to travel until it is over.

Our guide, Aron told us to sit on the couches and that the babies were here, Behind the curain.  She would call us when it was out turn.  I saw a sweet little one wonder out of the room before someone could grab her.  I looked up and saw 2 ladies rush in with someone in their arms. I just knew it was Sarah!  I couldn't beieve it.  All of sudden they came and got one of the famiies, gave them their baby and sent them back to the couches,  Next up was a single lady adopting a little boy.  it was so fast- here is your son!  He was not happy about it either!  

Then it was our new friends turn.  Aron came and got them and he handed Shane the video camera.  she anewalked iver as they brought out their baby.  Jenny walked over with him.  All of sudden she came running abck to the couch with tears in her eyes.  "I saw her!!!"  She had seen her throught he curatin sitting on the couch.  And then Aron was there saying- It's your turn!

Shane though the video camera at the other Dad and joined me and Jenny and all of sudden a picture I ahd stared at and cried over and prayed over was standing in front of me.  Flesh and blood.  She walked towards me and I bent down.  She lunged forward and grabbed me around the neck.  We were instructed to go back to the couches.  We just kept staring at her and she would laugh and we would laugh.  It was so surreal.  We gave her a sippy cup of water and she drank and drank.  I had thought for months about what to bring with me and had at the last minute bought a little toy with a motorized fan.  That was all we needed!!! She loved it!

After a few minutes her nanny and the assistant director of the orphanage came over.  We had prepared a list of questions and Aron asked them and wote the answers dwn for us.  It was very helpful.  We  had one of them write a letter to Sarah and they gave us some pictures of her and a USB of pictures of her.

We ttok a pitcture with the nannies and then it was time to go!  That fast.  We left the hotel at 2:00 and were back before 4:00.  it was a 20 minute drive to the civil affairs office.

We ordered Chinese food with the help of our guide.  She ate the rice up!  We gave her bath which she tolerated.  We face timed Will which was so fun.  She fell asleep i out bed about 8:30.

And just like that we were family of 5.  

Our new friends took some video and pictures which we don't have yet, but here are a few.


They told us she could feed herself it was just slow.  HA!  Girl put aways some fried rice!

She loves these stacking cups.

It was a great Gotcha Day.  I had prepared my heart for screaming or withdrawing or being surprised by any needs we didn't know about.  It went so much better than I anticipated.  she has been in a very poor orphanage with minimal interaction.  I think she is hungry for touch and love.  She just clung to us.  The days and weeks ahead will be challenging but for today we will take the laughs and hugs!

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  1. What a blessing - i am teary!! I wanted to ask, did you get the nanny to write the letter while you were there or had you asked for that with your last update with the usb with pics - did you send that over or get Helen or someone to get it for you? - Thanks for sharing this!