Sunday, November 10, 2013


One week. We have been in china for a whole week. It doesn't seem like that long. We have really enjoyed our time here. The pace has been nice and slow. The days have all had something to do but not been rushed. The only thing I am tiring of is the food. We have eaten well and the food is not bad at all. We have found our favorite Chinese place and they know Shane now. But just as with any lengthy time away from home you long for familiarity. 

I had a hard time around lunch today. Before we left for site seeing this morning we were standing in the lobby talking to the other families. A Chinese lady was standing nearby and Sarah walked over to her and out her hands up to be held. That discouraged me. Shane reminded me that this is a slow process. Two steps forward one step back. 

Once we were in the van I realized I had not packed any crackers for her. How could I have forgotten that?!?  She stood up and looked over the seat and saw some food down someone had. I turned her around to sit in my lap and she started crying. Real tears.  The first hard cry we have seen and I had no food to offer her. Jenny quickly remembered she had packed herself a fruit roll up and she gave it to me to give to Sarah. She has come to our rescue more than once this week. She is amazing !

After we got back we headed to get some lunch.  We decided to try Pizza Hut because  we had heard they had a lot more than pizza and maybe Jenny could find something there. We thought we were in luck because we asked if they had rice noodles and she said yes but it turned out yes really meant I don't understand you. We left without ordering. I was so upset that we even got her hopes up for spaghetti and then I realized I had not changed Sarah before we left and she was soaking wet clothes and all. Not my finest mother moment. I had to take Sarah back to the room and shane and took Jenny to McDonalds again.  If I never see Golden Arches again it will be too soon. She was awesome though and never complained. 

I fed Sarah some noodles and ate a gluten free poptart which was as good as it sounds. Feeling pretty bummed.  When Shane and Jenny walked in a while later they were holding this. 

A beautiful red box from a bakery we pass everyday. And inside was this. 

Italian chocote cake. 
Such a sweet surprise. And chocolate makes all things better. 

We stayed in all afternoon and played together. She has fallen asleep on me most nights and tonight she walked over to me and crawled up in my lap and fell asleep. I pray she is beginning to feel safe. She has so much to learn and so much catching up to do. We are so hopeful for her. She is amazing us each day. 

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  1. So thankful Jenny is with you guys! What a wonderful experience for her!