Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Park

On Thursday after Sarah's medical appointment we decided to go to a near by park. We had asked our guide earlier if there were any nearby and she gave us great directions. It was about a 15 minute walk from our hotel and we got to see A few new streets. The further we get from the hotel the more China-ish things feel. That's what we were looking for. We are so blessed to be able to spend out whole time here at the garden hotel in Guangzhou. It is truly luxurious. But we do want to soak in as much of Sarah's country as we can!  

The park was beautiful. There was a children's area with a playground and actual amusement park type rides. It appeared thy you had pay to do that section and Sarah was pretty tired so we skipped that. We just walked all around and took in the sites. There were musicians playing music or giving lessons all over. There was a choir practicing. There were old men playing a checkers like game. There were people excercising. We spent an hour or so there. It was pretty hot but was a fun afternoon. 

This was a bicycle we saw on the walk over. There was a guy actually riding it when we first saw it. Very impressive!

This was a directional sign in the park. There is a monument to the Guangzhou communist uprising. 

Building inside the park. 

Another beautiful building. And a beautiful daughter. 

This was a choir practicing in the park 

This was the choir director. We took this in honor of all the choir directors in our lives. 

There was a whole section in the park lined with older men playing a checkers like game. The pieces were larger though and made out of something that looked like what dominos are made off. You could hear it clicking all over. There was also music playing over a loud speaker. Suddenly instead of music it was a women's voice making what sounded like announcements. It went on forever though. I told Shane and jenny it made me feel like the hunger games or the book The Giver where general announcements are made to citizens. Ibthink was actually la story being told but it was funny.  

There was a skating rink in the park and a fitness center. 

There was a huge lake. 
It was a beautiful day but t was hot!! I keep forgetting that it's almost thanksgiving. It is very warm here. 

Today is Friday and we had a really fun day. I'll Get back in order tomorrow. All the park pictures were in Shane's  phone so it took me awhile to get where I could post them. Miss Sarah is doing well. Jenny's is a trooper  and Shane and I are amazed at fast out time here is going. 

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