Sunday, November 10, 2013

Free day

Saturday was a completely free day. We are done with official "stuff" until Tuesday but have some sight seeing scheduled. But Saturday was completely free. We had a little bit of a rougher night that night and were up for awhile. Sarah has gotten a stuffy nose that really kept her from breathing well during the night. We got her some medicine and gave her a little melatonin and she finally went back to sleep. Laying right on top of me. 

We slept a little late and then got on up.  Jenny had asked to sleep "as late as possible". Shane decided to take Sarah on down for breakfast and we would come a little later. Well Jenny just slept and slept and Sarah just ate and ate.  So Jenny and I just had a snack in the room and Sarah and Shane had a some bonding time over breakfast. They ate and then fed the fish at the pond. It was a sweet time for them and a turning point.  She loved having her daddy hold her yesterday. 

We played in the room for awhile and then decided to give our guide a call and see if she could tell us something fun to do.  She was actually at the hotel with another family and said she would come by and talk with us when she finished. We have really enjoyed her. She has been so organized and helpful. She has been a joy to be around. 

She came by about a half hour later. She took our laundry to leave for the laundry man( how awesome is that!!) and sat and talked with us for a few minutes. She was very interested in our visit to the orphanage and asked how Sarah had done and wanted to hear about it. She also told us she thought we would enjoy the zoo. There is a safari zoo that some people go to but it is a good ways out of the city and takes a long time to go through. This was the city zoo and was not far. She gave us directions and off we went. 

First we had to get some lunch so we ended up at mcdonalds again. Again. It has proven to be the easietst place to get jenny something to eat. Then we headed to the subway. We had used the subway tunnel to get from one side of the busy street to the other so we knew where it was but we had not attempted to ride it yet. The station was very clean and easy to use. We got our tickets and found the right train and we were off. It was just 2 stops up. 

We had the best time. There was all kinds of food vendors outside with all kinds of neat things. Jenny had Chinese Cotten candy!  The zoo was large and had great animals!! We saw the zoo keeper giving the lions a vaccine with a blow gun. The lions roared like I have never heard. We say huge elephants and giraffes and even pandas which was great for Jenny because she is "like obsessed with pandas!"  

It was very hot and we got some ice cream which Sarah loved.  It was little overwhelming for her at first but as long as she being carried she did great. 

We rode the subway back and ate supper in the room. We all got baths and played on the bed for awhile. Sarah loves to be flipped on the bed and just belly laughs. 

She still loves to eat but she is not quite as obsessive as she was. Slowly but surely. 

Here are pictures from our day. 

Ready to go to the zoo!!

 I spy a white guy. He kinda stuck out in line to get tickets. All 4 of us rode the subway, bought tickets for the zoo, got Ice cream and a Cotten candy for less than $25. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon. 

This was a small amusement park, playground area. We skipped that. Too much too soon!


Beautiful leopard!

Go jags!!!

First shoulder ride!!

Enjoying the day!

Outside ocean world. We walked around forever looking for ocean world only discover it was a show that cost three times as much as entrance to the zoo.  Oh well!

Such a good Jei Jei!

A real live panda!!!!

Lots of other people took our picture here too. 

Rhino!  Massive!!

Cotton candy!!!
It ws very different but good. 

This cracked us up. There was an exhibit of sheep and the like inside and sheep and lamb kabobs outside.  

Subway station

After baths and dinner. Sarah loves to look out of the window with Jenny. Jenny got on her knees right as I took this picture. Then this happened. 

Sweet baby. Just like Jei Jei!  

It was a really fun day. We have been here a full week now.  We are missing will a ton but we are having a good time!  It has gone so well. We can't wait to get her home though!

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