Friday, November 8, 2013

Medical appointment day

As I am typing this there is a precious baby rubbing her eyes laying in the bed next to me.  Most nights she has fallen asleep laying completely on top of me. Her schedule said she naps everyday but we haven't had a nap yet.  She just goes and goes and then poops out. She's already asleep. 

Our biggest issue continues to be food. It breaks my heart. She eats constantly. We went back to the Trustmart today and she got three more of the little cake she likes.  They weigh them and then put them a bag like you would vegatables at Kroger. She clutched that bag all through the store and then started biting it trying to get it open. She ate one on the way back to the hotel. She ate the other two as soon as we got back. Sweet baby. Praying she learns soon she won't be hungry anymore!

Today was our medical appointment day.  I wasn't looking forward to this day at all. I'm not great at patience when it comes to waiting in medical clinics. Not my strong suite. It went well though. There is only one clinic approved by the CDC to do medical exams for a visa to enter the US. There were 2 other adoptive families besides us. But that place was hopping!  I asked our guide if all of these people were traveling and she said yes. All traveling to the US. some to work, some to visit family,some for school, some for vacation.  Whatever the reason they have to have a medical exam. She said one floor up was if you wanted to go to Australia. 

We had several stations to go to. First she got her picture made for her file. 

Next she got weighed and measured. 

While we waited Jenny texted with her friends back home.  From a medical clinic in China. 

Next was the ENT

After that was a once over by a pediatrician.  She asked about her special need, made her walk across the floor, listened to her heart.  

Then it was TB test time. This was the part I was dreading. They take your child from you and do a blood draw.  When the nurse came Sarah went right to her. A little too easily. I didn't like that. I stood outside the door waiting to hear her cry and be ready to take her back but she came back out all smiles. The poor things never cried. It is so sad to me that she never cries. She knocked her head hard on the rail in the elevator. Nothing. She falls in the room. Nothing. It does no good to cry in the orphanage. Breaks my heart. 

After that we were done and we headed back to the hotel. We ate lunch in the room. I took a short nap.  Jenny worked on homework and Shane and Sarah played. Later we went to a really neat park about 15 minutes away. I will write a post about that tomorrow.  All the pictures are on Shane's phone and I want to be able to add them. There have been a few times that it is easy to forgot where we are. This park had a monument to the communist uprising and another one to the china, soviet, North Korean alliance.  A real reminder of where we are.  It was a beautiful park with lots of neat things. Pictures soon.

We let jenny stay in the room while we ran back over to Trustmart for some things we needed for our orphanage trip tomorrow.  She has been a trooper and a huge help. She was pretty done after the park and a little time alone watching tv was just what she needed.  

She and Shane ran out and got us some dinner. McDonalds. Again. Oh well. 

We spent the evening playing in the room and getting ready for tomorrow.  We brought gifts for the orphanage director and nanny that Brought Sarah to us but because we had no luggage we had no gifts. We got those ready and food, etc ready for the long day tomorrow. Her orphanage is about 6 hours away. It will be a long day and prayers are appreciated. Our prayer is foremost for Sarah's heart and mind. We want this to be a time for saying goodbye and for learning she can trust us. I am also prsying for The Lord to use this time to continue to break my heart. To reveal how very selfish I can be and to show me what he would have me to do. Pray also for Jenny. There will be hard things for her to see. Praying for the lord to work in her heart as well.

We are up way last our bed time. It's 9:00!!  Ha!  I was off my game today for some reason. I was worried about will this morning and just never got my mind right. I was worried about Sarah as well.  She didn't seem as clingy today and she went to that nurse so quickly it made me worry. Trusting The Lord everyday as we make ourselves into a family. Praying for her heart and mind. Thanking The Lord that the picture I stared at for so long is asleep next to me, breathing deep.  Safe. Thanking God for the promise that he who began a good work is faithful to compete it!!

Waiting at the clinic.

Jenny found a snack!

Checking out the view. 

Shane showing off his mad chopstick skills.
Pretty girl!!

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